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Friday, October 21, 2011

My Life's Blueprint : Finding about who I truly am; in and out

So I browse through my sister's blog : Mis-Say-So 
I stumbled upon a great quiz, personality quiz which I found very very reliable. It is in fact pretty easy too. Not gonna tell you how it works coz I think you should try it for yourself ! 

Stumble upon this website last year...only today I have the heart to take the Advance Personality Quiz =d

So do you wanna know what it tells me? Of who I really Am? 
Browse down and take your time to read through:




You're a Seeker. A good listener with a heart of gold you're someone your friends know they can rely on for support and advice in good times and bad. You're kind and generous and helping others comes naturally. A sensitive soul with an expressive nature you tend to be quite a romantic at heart. Sometimes you love nothing more than escaping into your very own dreamworld. Spontaneous new experiences can be really inspiring to you and you like exploring your creative side from time to time. Seems like you're in a really good place right now feeling happy playful and full of energy. It's great when everything in life seems to flow. Your natural tendency to look on the bright side definitely helps! When it comes to improving things in your life why would you say no to extra cash It would be great to treat the family whenever you feel like it. The trick is to be disciplined about budgeting. If you stay on top of your finances you'll feel a lot more secure and probably save a bit too. It's important to remember to tap into your inner strength and to believe in yourself. Take on new challenges and stay stimulated so you remain enthusiastic and inspired by life. As a Seeker you get excited by new ideas. You like adventure and original experiences that stimulate and challenge your status quo. Stay inspired with a rich mix of activities and find time for hobbies that allow you to explore your creative side. Learn to recognize when you need variety in your life and then incorporate it into your daily plans. There's no better way to feel centered and balanced than to spend some time out in the fresh air. You understand that a change of scenery can reinvigorate you and remind you of what matters most in the world. Remember it's not a luxury but a necessity so allow yourself that quiet time as often as you can.

 When it comes to love you're quite traditional. You believe in making strong commitments. `Forever` isn't a scary word to you! As a Rock Steady it's important to you that your relationship feels secure. You tend to be realistic about what makes a lifelong partnership work and understand the value of forging a love based on friendship and respect. You believe that a true partnership is about sharing responsibility and being able to count on one another through whatever life throws at you. Creating a true sense of honesty and support means your love will grow as the years go by.

My Relationship tips:

So you're a Rock Steady but what tips can we give for keeping the magic alive in your relationship
  1. Rekindle the romance. Get up with the lark and meet at a local market to buy beautiful flowers and feast on a yummy breakfast
  2. Do something different. Take a cocktail-making class together at a local bar. It'll be lots of fun with plenty of tasting to be done!
  3. Take it easy. Imagine you're on holiday in your own city. Do the fun things tourists would do and capture it all on film with a disposable camera.
  4. Let your inhibitions go. If it rains grab the chance to run wild in the puddles and have lots of fun getting soaked to the skin and then warming up afterwards!
You're an adventurer at heart and love to see new places when you get the chance. Expanding your horizons can really help to put things into perspective. The true mark of success for you is a happy home. It is the main focus of your life and the center of all your aspirations. You're happiest when you feel settled and comfortable. True fulfillment for you is in having strong loving relationships with family and friends. If they're healthy and happy that's all that matters to you.

You're a real morning person. You enjoy getting up and seizing the day. You believe in a balanced approach to living a healthy lifestyle. It's all about moderation. You enjoy exercise and eating healthily but you're not going to let it take over and run your life. You manage to fit physical activity around your everyday activities and your happy-go-lucky attitude means you won't stress about it too much. You know that a couple of missed gym sessions won't make a huge difference to how you feel overall. It's definitely not worth worrying about that's for sure.

You like things simple and straightforward and food is no exception. Rather than fiddle around with various recipes and spices you're more likely to head for the grill. Smiple honest food... plus it combines meat vegetables and a bit of starch - clearly a balanced diet!

If you were given the opportunity to live your dream life chances are you'd feel more at home settled in a cute country cottage than living it up in a mansion. Your low-key attitude means you'd prefer to get away from the stresses of city life and take it easy perhaps spending your time in a colorful garden. Fresh air birds chirping and home-grown veggies for dinner...what's not to like 

You're an outdoorsy person happiest when you can get out into the fresh air and explore what the countryside has to offer. You can't beat a few quiet hours in the peace of nature to be alone with your thoughts. Perfect for feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

Your pretty feminine style exudes low-key elegance and charm. You don't need to be brash or falling off a pair of stilettos to get noticed. Being at ease and feeling confident in yourself works wonders. You like to keep things real and are practical too so you're just as comfortable getting groceries as checking out the latest designer looks.

You're inquisitive open-minded and interested in history. You love to discover new things and experience new places. For you the tourist trail is best avoided. After all it's the hidden gems that make traveling so exciting! You love to thoroughly immerse yourself in culture so chances are you'll end up in a museum or gallery at some point on your trip.


I am not trying to post this as to show off or fulfill my self-indulgence but I am here to share that each and everyone of us ought to find out who you really are. It's important coz it affects your decisions in life.
This quiz really opens my vocabulary about who I truly am....sometimes it's not about  you not knowing who you are, but it's often about not knowing how to interpret yourself when you are in a situation. Most of the time we say that it's indescribable or speechless etc but actually deep down inside we do not know how to translate those situation into words/action when it happens that's why most of us become stress or emotionally disturbed coz they do not know what they are dealing with.

I am indeed a very traditional type of person when it comes to love, hopeless romantic too. On the other hand, I also love adventure things/stuff as much as I like to be quiet and  focus. These two things contradict with each other if we think about it separately...but these difference I believe makes me a solid type of person. Two traits that compliment each other.

As I read through I realized that sometimes in order to find yourself, you have to allow others to discover with cannot go through that journey alone, or be left alone coz you might get lost. Even in Islam ,we are taught to always learn with a teacher, never learn yourself ; An Idiom saying i It takes two to tango' also express that things cannot happen without more than one person. 

Maybe at some point it doesnt seem to be directly related to each other as I have mentioned above, but the bottom line is...You have to be with other people in order to discover yourself and inner side of you.

You cant do it alone.

A seeker in  town perhaps =))
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