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Monday, November 21, 2011

Interview for Food Digest Magazine

18th November 2011; Friday.
The date which meant so much to me.
A stepping stone in my artwork career perhaps...
A stepping stone for Scrapaperclip !

But It doesn't matter.
Wherever it may lead....I am so grateful for the opportunity given to be featured in the Magazine for January Issue.

Was the time I reached there with my other half at Food Recipes Getaway somewhere near The Strand in Kota Damansara.
It's my first meeting with my ex-schoolmate cum classmate a decade ago, Doreen Soosai who was also the Interviewer for the session.
I was so happy, I cried secretly after the meet up coz I was so overwhelmed by these mix feelings...I just couldnt recognize it..definitely something good.
Alhamdulillah all went on smoothly, though been having some raining, have to delay the meeting which was supposed to be at 2.00PM, some samples that I couldnt finish to bring to KL and I didnt sleep the night before until the next night (approx 18hrs).

But all the sacrifices made were totally worth it.
In this reality we cant gain both worlds....if we loss one. we will gain one later. 
So by doing these I get to see all my lovely classmate and studiomates, spent some quality time catching up what I have left with them.
Totally worth it.

Gonna share some photos taken before, during and after the interview...hope you enjoy !


am looking a bit tired...since i didn't sleep the night before.

my favourite vintage box keeping stuff purely handmade by me =))

The accessories which I have never failed to wear. It is indeed a must for me. A necklace, a watch, bracelets on both hands and my handmade brooch !


at the Food Digest Office

The photographer.

The photographer, my dearest friend Doreen and myself.

showing some stuff to her...some explanations too.

some of my customers' work was diplayed.

the interview session lasted for at least 2 hours min.

Wondering what she wrote of me =))


Some photos taken while I was enjoying myself there after the interview and packing up.

Thanks to all who supported me from the first day I start this card-making and business till the day I am today. Looking for more future plans in expanding the brand InsyaALLAH with hardwork and support from all of you...this plan will be possible to achieve..InsyaALLAH.

Cheerios !


AmyZana said...

insyallah :)
semoga dimurahkan rezeki selalu.
with hardworks and efforts :]

farahD said...

thanks sgt2 dear amyzana =D

shafika fieka said...

tahniah..semoha farah sentiasa dimurahkan rezeki..amin

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