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Monday, November 14, 2011

A pair of thundering storm and lightning Bolt

Can you see it? Can you?

This is beautiful !
p/s please bare the not good quality of photos..heck I dont care..I love the feeling =)

Last Sunday I went to the beach somewhere near the Toy Museum at Tanjung Bungah only to find later that it's about to rain. By the time we reached there it was totally dark on the other side of Penang, so I told my mum to just go back. But once I saw a couple of thunder just in front of me, suddenly this thought occured to me like 'hey rather then going back empty handed why not I try to capture this one'. Without further delay I set my compact camera Canon Powershot to take multiple shots manually...It's really hard especially when you know you are that close to get it. I missed the thunder and lightning one after a split second. I tried and I tried like after my 3oth shot I saw this ! The 1st piece was with lighting looking like almost it's touching down. I think it was. Then I tried again..again and again then I got the 2nd shot. I pray to Allah that instantly, feeling so blessed to witness something like this plus being able to capture the moment in photos? It's nothing unusual, I know. Some might think this is just another pair of thunder and lightning, so what? But if you were there with me, you'll know how it feels to struggle and finally be able to get 2 out of that 40 takes? The feeling was indescribable.

It's just a sharing to all readers. 
Have a nice day ahead !

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