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Monday, December 26, 2011

My favourite bracelets

Salam, Greetings and Hello to all my lovely readers !
How's your holiday?
I hope it was a blast...mine was nice but a lil bit drain.
I just came back from my hometown in Seremban...arrived past midnight so you can tell that it's pretty tiring =)

While on my journey to Seremban I managed to snap some photos of my favourite bracelets =)
Been longing to snap photos of all my accessories but I dont have that extra time to do I guess I start of with this one first oke =)
FYI I am a big fan of accesories...from necklace, pendants, bracelets and rings or even brooch =)...made of all kinds, from gemstones to wire (^^)

 I have been wearing this watch for 5 years...alhamdulillah still good as it was the first time...only need to change the battery..It was a gift from my mother on my birthday =)..not really an expensive watch but It means the world to me..not wearing it seems like I lost some part of me...thats how important the watch to me...=)

As you can see I am wearing the watch, the tiger eye stone bracelet and another handmade bracelet (I dont know the material used) all on my left hand side. All of which I bought at the flea market =) located at the uptown Penang road =).

The above 2 photos are justsome techniques I used to edit hehe love the effect on the 2 photos above. So this one particular bracelet too is one of my fav...always wear this one on my right hand...a handmade bracelet I bought at a flea market sometime ago. It took her almost 2 weeks to complete this one. 
I have 2 colours of this bracelets; one is red and the other is pink =)//love them both!
*** If you are interested I can get one for you =) comes in two and pink.

Erm thats all for now..will get my post on the 2011 review soon!
So stay in touch..if you wanna exchange link, please leave your comment here oke...I am all happy to exchange with each and everyone of you =)

Cheerios !!!

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