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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Project: My mini garden high up the sky =)

 Level 17.
That's where I live.
Seems pretty impossible to have a garden, real garden I mean..with green grass covering the ground, roots crawling under the earth with no boundaries.
How unfortunate...if you think so.

But that's so not me....I shall turn the unfortunate events of life into something wonderfully fortunate hahaha

So since I have a very limited space, I have to arrange them neatly. Yes Neat is the dont want all the spill over of soils and dead leaves on the floor right?

I been longing to take photos of the plants but since the vases are all ugly and dirty ( I take the plants from my house in Seberang Perai) so I have to wait until I managed to change the ugly vases =) ...Alhamdulillah...last week I successfully changed MOST of them! )

Tips to have a mini sky garden !!
1. Understand well the condition of your balcony, the size, whether or not your balcony is facing the sun or not, when it is facing the light and things like that.

2.  When you go to nursery : be sure to survey first before picking up the fav plant. Find plants that suits you best, if you prefer all green then look for some mini shrubs and etc.

3. Be sure to ask the owner on how to take care of it, the water consumption, fertilizers and etc...Like me,  I usually purchase plants that do not require much attention, easy to grow, and stand strong on sunlight (since my balcony is so damn hot due to direct sunlight in the morning)

4. Pots : When you are looking for pots to change make sure you find a suitable pot that can sustain the growth of your plant (long term) Find pots that matches with your existing pot, or at least of the same theme colour...when you have all pots of the same combination of colours it will enhance your garden, rather than mix and match sort of arrangement. It's UGLY.

5. When you are arranging the potted plants, make sure the arrangements are easy to maintain, like easy for you to sweep or pick up the dried leaves dont want it to look crowded at one side.

6 . Last but not least , be sure to water and fertilize your plants when required !

So lets take a look...

So technically I arrange the potted plants at the corner of the balcony. When I buy the pots, I make sure that the colours of the pots are more or less the same. So for this particular project, I want white to be the main thing here. I maximized white to enhance the mini sky garden =)

So lets take another close up look at the plants =) (some of them =))

 I love this creepy crawlie...unfortunately it's in a pot..I think if I transfer the plant to the ground Im sure it's going to crawl endlessly.....and probably have more flowers hehe

This is my baby Aloe Verra...last 2 weeks I saw this baby in the mother I thought I need to take this baby out and have it's own vase.

This is my fav pot with my fav plant. I called this pokok ubi (heh not sure of it's local and scientific name...I dont care) The green leaves of the plant compliments the white pot...Aww how lovely it is.

This is what I called my Accidental Lychee tree...The other day I ate lychee my mum brought home from China, I ate and threw the seed in the existing pots, next thing I know I grew taller and taller...2 seeds for 2 lychees baby tree =)
I wonder if it's going to bare real lychees hahahah

 This is the mother of my baby aloe...Last time I bought it was only 3 branch (oh what ever they called the leave) now I think it grew double or triple than before...Alhamdulillah...

And not forgetting my fav hanging potted plants...I love the hanging plants, make me feel so at ease everytime I look at it...I think I'm gonna add more to this collection...InsyaALLAH.

Oh and my mum bought recently....a pot of rose, she said my garden looks a lil pale, so she wanted to add colours to it...It took only 2 days for all the flowers to bloom beautifully at my sky garden =)

Day 1

Day 2

Another close up which I just cant get enough =)

So what do you think? need advice for your mini sky garden? Ask me !
It seems my love for art dont only ends on pen and papers...Im gardening toooo....+)

Cheerios !

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