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Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Life's Blueprint : How to have a goal, and be sure you achieved it...a lil tips from the humble me =)

I had a brief comment exchange with Ryha Feyzal before I had this post published.

When she first wrote this comment to me saying:
"so inspiring, my dear! proud of you. one of the reason i suka baca blog u ialah i akan dpt motivasi utk achieve my dream bila baca goals di sebelah kiri blog u tu. happy becoming new year!!!"
 The first thing that hit me was " Should I share some tips to help ppl achieve their goals?" coz to know a person was inspired by this, it makes me feel so happy coz there is some one who actually appreciate what you have. 

Honestly, in my deepest heart I never published things for recognition, but it's for sharing...coz we dont get to experience a lot of things at one time, we grew by learning from our mistakes and other people's mistakes it is important to share. 

Anyway I wanna share some tips on how I make sure I achieved some of my goals,.... if not many =)

I'm sure  you have read loaddddsss of books on goal achievements, heard tips from counselors, friends or parents perhaps but have you get at least one in head? Frankly, I had the same problem too when I first started

BUT what changed me is not their advices or book's tips, it's my need to have something.
See the word NEED?

You dont go making goals because you wanna have goals too,
You dont list things you want to achieve just because you feel empty or hopeless.
You dont dream flying high up the sky because you want to be in the crowd.
No you dont !

You make goals because you need them. 
For feel hungry, you NEED to doesnt that drives you to eat?
Yes it does.

You have a car with a key, but can u drive a car without fuel even if you have the key? Definitely not. So in this case, fuel act as the motivation that drives you through it,'s so important that without it, plans and goals are nothing but just a wish.

So once you have your target aimed which is your goal, now the next thing you need is a plan. When you are all excited to achieve goal (with that lil drive of motivation definitely) you can plan the route easily. It is like an automatic system that connects to each other.

The problem with most people is that they have goal, but lack of motivation so they cant plan and when there is no plan...the goal becomes a dream that will never come true. 

So remember this three !

A goal to aim
A need to drive it through and 
A plan to succeed.

All three are like brothers/sisters....can't leave without each other. You must have the urgency to achieve then only you will be able to fulfill all your dreams and visions.

I am posting this based on my personal experience. Might work with you, and might not. But if you are reading this, all you need to do is reflect back on the reasons why you cant achieve and see where are the areas that you need to improve. Just let me know if you have any problem or want to exchange ideas with me...I am all ear to listen to you sweetheart!

I will write next about ' How to plan your route to achieve your goals !!!' More on how to plan the journey. Maybe not in detail, probably briefly.
Feel free to comment and exchange with me yea.

Have a blast weekend and Happy New Year...(hope it is in time for you to read this and start listing your new goals for 2012)

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