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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Review on My Goals Through out 2011 !!!

Salam and Hello Lovelies and Handsomes =)
It's almost at the end of the year ! Yes,'s December already ok. How time flies....really.
At one point I feel that I cant wait for next year's challenge but at the other point I feel totally nervous.
First I have so many wonderful plans for next year...and the downside is that I am finalizing my thesis (yg tak siap2 lagi tuh huh) by end of this month!!!!!! It's like a suicide but I am up to the challenge so I am here to gear up everything so that I am prepared for this month and ready to welcome 2012 with open heart.

I'm gonna review one by one if you see the list on your right side by it's number...from top to bottom oke.
 Most of my goals achieved this year are about my newborn business which I have started early this year. (though I started Perfumes and Art last year but this one was different - it's my artwork project ).

So here we go !

3 Goals Successfully Achieved in 2011

10# Have my own business and Design Card ! - ACHIEVED 17th November 2011

Yes. It has been completed and ready to be distributed on 17th November 2011. Just a day before I went for my interview with Food Digest ! I am so lucky to get it all done just in time coz I have been busy preparing for the interview. Though I am not a full time employee, but a full time student, I managed to have my own card ! You dont have to wait until you get a proper work to have a card, if you feel there is a need to have one, then just have it. It's a way to promote or networking so I guess it's pretty important especially when you have your own business. 

I design the card and send it to printing myself.. finding a good company to print a quality and affordable name cards can be pretty challenging...Alhamdulillah after weeks of searching I managed to pull over  =)

Value to learn : If you think it's necessary- Just do it.


 82# Have my own design and art website - ACHIEVED 14th November 2011

Alhamdulillah. I am so grateful to be standing here with all the lil achievements. Last month on 14th November 2011, I have finally able to establish my own website with my own domain which I bought online, after a review from a friend. I did a lot or work in making this a reality. It's not as simple as saying 'I want to have a website'. To have one, you need a proper personal validation and organization. You must know the exact purpose of having the website and where it will lead and all. That's why producing it, is simple and easy as ABC but making sure it work perfectly well is totally different story.
A story that I personally proud of...Alhamdulillah.
Of course every success comes with the help from others. Directly and Indirectly. I cant thank enough to these people who have supported me in and out. Only Allah knows.

Do check my humble website : Scrapaperclip !
The website of which I am proud of....

Value to learn : Be confident with your work..Be proud of every single piece you do, no matter what people said, if you believe in yourself...the outcome is beyond imagination.


 83# Be Featured in a Magazine/ Book or guest blogger in inspiring Website.

 I didn't foresee this to be coming so soon since I have just started my website and my artwork. 
I am grateful that  I get all the support needed and able to expand from one friend to another, from Penang to Johor...It's an achievement that I would never hoped to succeed coz it took a real hard-work to make a dream come true.

 Value to learn : If you have a dream and you put your mind to it, it will definitely come takes patience to fulfill your dreams. Just work hard and be kind to others, InsyaALLAH things will eventually go your way.

 I think thats pretty much sums up the important events through out this year apart from struggling with some financial issues, family problems, getting my thesis done...all in all I am proud of what I have achieved even though it is not much/productive. I am hopping next year would be more challenging and I am able to explore more opportunities and places to gain better experience, InsyaALLAH. 

I hope I inspire you if not much =) 
p/s all in all i think this is year is not so much productive...need to add more next year...with new experience to gain...ganbatte!


syaz@rozelt said...

congratz for all achievements..really adore ur artwork..hihi..keep it up!

Tun Teja said...

jelesnye ngan u...huhu..have a wonderful 2012..

farahD said...

Thanks dear syaz...stay in touch oke =)

It takes perseverance to endure hardship =) You too can achieve your dreams if not all, maybe a few =)

All the best !

farahD said...

Tun !!! Thanks for the wish...ala you pun boleh la yang...just put ur mind to it oke!

Ganbatte ! Jom next year we put more goals to achieve hehe

Ryha Feyzal said...

so inspiring, my dear!
proud of you.

one of the reason i suka baca blog u ialah i akan dpt motivasi utk achieve my dream bila baca goals di sebelah kiri blog u tu.

happy becoming new year!!!

farahD said...

thanks reyhal =) for the compliment. i am so happy that in some ways i inspire u...u can do it darling..put ur mind to it...

or do you wanna know some tips from me? hehehe mana tahu boleh share heh

Ryha Feyzal said...

kalau u tak kisah untuk share tips, apa salahnya...


farahD said...

ryha feyzal..wait for my next post oke !

OrenLimau said...

wow!best.haha.kak farah, kite nak bisnes kad akak satu!haha.opps tapi kena order lagu kad2 comel dr kak farah lah kan.hee :)

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