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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Penang PAC (Performance Art Center) Review

This was actually my second visit to Penang PAC.
I didnt bring my compact cam when I attended my first show ever coz I totally forgotten (well I was in a hurry on that day). It was indeed very unfortunate too coz the show that I went to see involved Zahiril Adzim !!! That newborn talent...I was not really a big fan of him (I knew him coz he got married to my junior in Convent Ipoh Shera Aiyob) but when I saw the theater, I fall in love with his acting. 
He's damn talented. ( Giving the added value was his poetry to his wife during the wedding which you must watch, so here's the link : Puisi Zahiril buat Shera Bergambar )

These were the tickets for my 2 previous live performance =)

The show I went last weekend was on Sunday (4th December 2011) at 3pm : Short Eyes by Rumah Anak Teater - Live Theater in Bahasa.

You can go to this link for their online trailer =) : Online Trailer Short Eyes
You can google for more of Short Eyes, its originality, adaptation and lots more...oke.
I gave 5/5 star for the show, really it was worth watching....what's more worth watching when the ticket is also FREEEEEEEE ! 

Penang PAC is giving out FREE Tickets for shows until 31st December 2011
to celebrate their opening (Opening Celebration)
All you need to do is go to Straits Quay Marina Mall at Level 3 and purchase the ticket for FREE at ticket counter. Easy as that.
I am so gonna go REGULAR after this....hehe (no more KL for live shows hehe)


Anyway, just now (Sunday, 11th December 2011 at 3pm) I went there again for another show...this time in English 
Entitled : Underneath The Lintel by Penang Players Music and Drama Society.

The show started off very nice and I love the way Shamila Ariffin played her character but as it when on, it gets a lil boring but there are humours in between that gets the crowd alive again =) ~ This is why I like her =)
The show is about a librarian (Shamila Ariffin) who found a book overdue returned after 113 years. The feisty librarian takes up the challenge to solve the mystery till the end with her remarkable findings =).

I gave the show 4/5 for the very well played  character by Shamila Ariffin. When I first entered all I can see was foreigners and chinese..We are the only malay couple to attend the show. So sad coz the character played was indeed a Malay =) So go to Penang PAC and give them your full-hearted support !!!

So here's some photos before and after the show =)..just wanna give you guys a glimpse on what Penang PAC is all about =).
I am a BIG SUPPORTER of live theater and performance oke =)

This is inside Stage 2..managed to capture this just moments before it started =) You can see all the props displayed for the play =)

This is the ticketing counter...right in front of the main entrance..on the right side you can see some photos cum gallery being displayed...looks pretty empty right? and on top if you see the first floor lies  stage 1..the biggest stage in Penang PAC for shows that require big space and lots of audience. I think they have 2 studio for practices and 2 stage for shows. Yes just opened so I guess it will becoming more and more interesting starting next year !

The stage 2 live performance studio situated at the ground the vibrant colour.. orange red.

Yes this is the gallery area...most of my photos are a bit blurry...**&^ the battery was almost empty
Penang PAC looks new with the not so much of decorations and artwork displayed at the common or waiting area. Using red and white colour to give some vibrant to the place. I think its oke for now since it is still time, the place will be packed with lots and lots of on-going exhibitions and galleries.

Just before we entered..manage to snap one photo...about to start and we were late ~

So if you are in Penang, make sure you stop by at Strait Quay Marina Mall and head to the Penang PAC. You gonna love every single thing there at Penang PAC and also Strait Quay, definitely !

and then after we went to the Flea market for some braceletes hunting and some handmade window shopping =)

Thats all folks for Monday's Update.

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