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Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to set your goals !

 ** This is actually a sequel to this post on How to have a goal !

Yes. I am stating out the Goal for 2012 !
Theme for this year is to start small =)

I realize in achieving big dreams we have to start from small dreams. That small little steps which indirectly will help you navigate the entire path of your big dreams.
Most of us always think of what to achieve in a bigger having your own house, buying your own car, own this and that, go here and there...but how to achieve that if you dont start the little important steps to go there?
Say if you wanna buy a are you going to buy a laptop without sufficient saving or money? Of course anyone can say they wanna buy a lappy but how many of us can actually own one without money? 

Thats why we need to be specific. Yes the next key word is spesific. Here is something that I wanna share in successfully achieving your goals :

Yes ! Start your goal setting with SMART !!!!

Direct and very much relevant to those who are setting up their goals. There is no point of setting up goals if you cant achieve. You might as well just call it a dream or a wish.

Meaning that you have to understand very well what you want...say you want to go travel by this coming December, but where? Thailand? Korea? Where? You have to decide exactly what you want so that when you start navigating you will know where to stop even if you have storms coming right in front of you.

When you have a goal, you must be able to measure how far and how much you have done right? It is like a track record for you to look back and see what other improvements needed for you to achieve the target in time...This tip is like brother and sister with the one down below which is ATTAINABLE. You cant attain it if you cant measure it...see below.

 Just remember this when you are setting your goal - If you have a goal, do you it to succeed? Definitely yes right? So how to make it successful? It has to be something that you can grasp. Something that you can do. something that you are up to even if you are at the lowest low and the highest high (no matter what happen). Something that you love to do or sacrifice coz one thing is for sure; achieving goals is not easy as it seems even if you plan to have say a birthday party next month, you will definitely encountered some unforeseen challenges along the way.When you plan a goal you have to see first what you have, what you need to do and how much time left before the day comes before you decide to make it a goal.  If you plan to go to France by next month and you dont have much saving, do you think it is reasonable? Of course not right.
So before deciding whether your goals is worth the plan see first thoroughly with what u have.
And of course to double confirm your goal you must remember the purpose of setting it. Like if your goal is to have 3 cars  by the age of you think it is relevant where you can actually focus on something else? Relevant means is to set a goal that have the fullest benefits to your life. Something that can make you a better person or improve life by having it. Or perhaps it is merely a personal satisfaction of what you have been longing to do. A satisfaction that is worth having..not a satisfaction that will only lead to destruction and waste.

Time Bound
Once you have a goal you need to timeline it. It is like a scale when you are setting your goals. Even if you drive from Penang to KL you will know how far you have come with the signage given along the road right? Same thing here. Without the time line you will never be able to reach there in time..It is more like a schedule for yourself where inside the schedule is full of that little things you need to do to achieve. Also include that mini stops for you to review what you have done so far so that you can fasten up a bit or loosen up where necessary. This is crucial. A time bound with specific instruction.

When you do all these, InsyaALLAH what ever goals you targeted will successfully be yours. Nothing in life worth having comes easy right?
When you put you Intention and mind to it ( Your Nawaitu) You will definitely get there. Everything lies upon what is in your head. If you think you can, you definitely can !

Hope this helps...! Will reveal my goals of 2012 soon!

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