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Monday, January 30, 2012

Napkin Flower ! Open for order =)

Just in time before I am about to post something special, here's a new update on a new product ~

Napkin flower !!!!

So stylish, cute and adorable !!! 
Fit for all purpose : home decor, wedding decor, birthday gift and wrapper =)
This particular napkin flower when compiled make a suitable sweet hand bouquet or decorations. 
The one that I am about to upload is the basic condition before adding it up with some leaves or other embellishment according to its purpose.

For example if you want it as a hand bouquet, then I'll put some leaves and pearls or crystals or if you wanna make it as a part of your deco then i probably just use some leaves..
This is indeed a multipurpose item. You can tag the flowers as a form of a tag or bookmark anything u want I create for you !

Custom made and designed just for you !
Jom tengok !!!

The original look of the napkin flower: checkered and plain one =)
Using cotton and good quality fabric !

 As home/wedding decor..a center piece for table decoration too !! this if compiled shall make a beautiful deocration...suitable on any type of vases ~ Glass is the ideal one

Suitable as a hand bouquet !! Not so big and not too small...can be created with a lot of sizes and fabric patterned ~
It looks incomplete coz I have to designed according to it's purpose =)

Suitable as gift tags... ! Wedding and present gift tags !

And or course personal use too .....

A bookmark of course ! I surely make it a worth bookmark with all the embellishments Im about to design for you !!!

Interested email me more !

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Sizzling Suzai said...

wahh mmg ske wat DIY ek. rjin sungguh ^^ nice!

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