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Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Vintage Rose Ring For order =)

Hello Monday Morning !
How have you been lovelies? Had a great morning jog? heheh
I am sounding all chirpy this morning coz I cant wait to share these babies.

All items are while stock lasts...these rings are suitable as gifts, bridesmaid + wedding accessories or even for personal/daily use for outing and such.

Ever since I published my first ever vintage rose ring , (you can read it here : LINK) I've been getting good feedbacks from clients who purchased it. Now I am updating with another order from 5 different clients in various colours.

In fact, I managed to pull a new design requested by Sarahmeay. She wanted the pinwheel of my brooch to become a fancy ring ! I am loving it to bits! 

Jom cuci mata tengok order clients !!

 Fatin Farah - 1pc maroon + 1pc pink
Sarahmeay - 1pc red + 1pc red pinwheel with mini crystal

Najihah Omar - 1pc turquoise + 1pc white
Siti Hajar - 1pc dark purple + 1pc cream
Natasya - 1pc red

Here's another close up order from Sarahmeay where she ordered a special ring of pinwheel and crystal.

 Sarahmeay ordered 1pc of red vintage rose + 1pc red pinwheel with crystal

This is how it looks like when she wears it...(but this one is my sis trying to demonstrate hehe)

I would like to inform you that after this all rings will be charged at RM12/pc because I am using a better quality ring since the one I am using which is Type A-Brass ring is temporary out of stock. 

Lets take a look at the types of ring base available. You can pick those available when you order your ring.
*** while stock last**

 Type A Brass Ring Base - Temporary out of stock
RM10/pc with the flower 

 Type B - Metallic Bronze Ring Base ( it's a bit shiny and very nice)
RM12/pc with the flower.

 Type C - Metallic Silver Black Ring Base ( it's a bit shiny, has a touch of silver + black...and very very nice)
RM12/pc with the flower.

One of my beloved client wearing the vintage rose ring + my feathered brooch.
Go to my website for more oke =)

So interested to order my Vintage rose me oke !
**see contact for detail**

Email me with the following details :
Full name:
Delivery Add:
H/P no:
Payment bank: cimb/maybank

Type ring base : 
Flower colour + quantity :

Have a nice weekend pretties !!!
Feel free to go to

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Chloe said...

Hey there!

Just wanted to drop by & say Thank You for visiting my blog =D

your rings are so sweet! - i'm a little bit crazy about fabric flowers =)

Chloe x

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