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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Design Tips : Architect's Rule of Thumb? Well just about anyone who called themselves a Designer

Assalamu'alaikum w.b.t dear akhi and ukhti, 
brothers and sisters, fellow friends near and far =)

I was thinking of posting something useful, even a layman can use this basic rules to apply in their life.


To me design is not something that can be measured. 
Design is more of an expression of a person towards a problem, an issue, desire or even passion.
For instance you like to have a chair that is red in colour and easily folded. 
So you start designing a chair that has red in it and can be folded. 
As you go along drawing and designing this chair you will realize other features that will make this chair looks superb.
Be it  the end product is in sketches or you build it yourself it is still a design process.

Other examples. You have no place to hang your clothes. You have problems in hanging your clothes especially when it is wet.
So you start designing an item that able you to hang your clothes, perhaps using what you have in the house and modify it, or simply bought something that can be used and eventually altered it to suit your room/place.
Well maybe some may think, why can I just bought a whole cupboard to solve the issue. Well that's it.
The cupboard itself was designed by someone right?

Now you understand?

What makes Good Design? 
(Can be pretty useful when you also want to purchase a good product/item)

1) Good design makes product useful 
Given the fact of design is a problem solving is a must for any product/ design to be useful. Especially when cost is a concern. 
There is no wastage in producing it or even implementing it. 
Good design emphasizes the usefulness of a product/item without disregard the psychological and aesthetic aspects in it. 
2) Good design has aesthetic value 
Aesthetic has been regards as a factor that contributes to higher purchasing impact. That is why we have so much products/designs that are beautiful but not practical these days.
Good design has both in it.  After all who doesn't want a product/design that is unique and beautiful yet very useful right? 

               Steve Wolf: Illuminated wooden stools...

3) Good design makes a product/design understandable.
Self-Explanatory; that is good design....some times most complicated issue/problem can always be solved with a simple solution to it with good design.
But for a product, good design means it can talk for itself. You dont need lenghty explanation or directory/manual to make it work.

For Micro-living Spaces

4) Good design is long lasting Because of it's good functionality that comes from a good design, this eventually will make the product/design much more long lasting. 
It solves the problem for almost the entire time. So you do not need to worry if it will happen again.
On the other hand for products, long lasting means it is worth the purchase..even if there is some faulty occurrence, after a minor repair it can still running.
Simply means that 
care and accuracy in the design process show respect towards the end user.

5) Good design is  definitely Innovative and Honest. 
The possibilities that was ventured and  incorporated during the design process to the very last aspect makes a good design.
Good design is thorough down to the last detail without attempting to manipulate the end user. 
Good design can be out not just innovative but powerful and valuable.
A fashion by itself.

So how's today's learning?
Can you catch up?

Pablo & Rusty's Sydney by Giant Design

Ask me to know more =)

Have a blessing Thursday! 

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