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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Life After Marriage : Painful Love but worth the fight and patience...Definitely.

Assalamu'alaikum w.b.t dear akhi and ukhti !

Akhi = My Brother Ukhti = My Sister

Those words originated from the Arab if I am not mistaken.

Anyway this is not the reason I put up this entry =) Just incase if you all wondering the meaning of the words (^^)
I will have a few series of entries on Life After Marriage for sharing purposes including :

Love + Sharing + Da'wah


So let's start with 
-LOVE - 

You know, before you get married, like a couple of months before you and hubby take the 'Akad' will find yourself at a point where you think so deep of your future.
Like what it is going to happen after marriage? How your life's going to be then? Are you able to live through it? It is going to be many other questions and yet you don't have the answers..all of it.

It happened to me.

With all the questions gushing in the brain (like can he support me financially? can I make him happy? what if problems come too soon? where do we live? countless questions sometimes you are being exaggerated)
simultaneously with the wedding preparation (that includes other which I classified as environmental (mother wanted this extra etc. omit this and that, change here and there) + non-environmental problems like (budget etc) tend to become more emotional day after day..

When the day becomes closer, the tension rise like no other. 
So that's why some relationship didn't get through last minute.
That's why some weddings have been called off, to some unfortunately.

Now I understand.
Alhamdulillah....I passed.

But I have to tell you 1 thing.
Getting back to faith provides me the love and understanding at the time I needed it most.
Coz you can just imagine, all these issues are tearing you apart bit by bit and by the time you are losing your momentum, then the shaytan will come whispering and started to tell you bad things which makes you think you are not gonna make it through etc.
So all this misery is all part of the challenge for two souls to become one.

Maybe some people did not go through such event, maybe there is but not as much.
Different people, different circumstances..maybe some are very fortunate not to go through such event at all, maybe they encounter it after marriage, who knows...but early marriage is tough in all aspects.

When this happens, you know what you knew before about love was totally the opposite.
Yes, you may have read articles about it, or maybe gone through 3rd party experience.

It will never be the same as the one that goes through it.
Because , you will be the one who will make the decision, feel it yourself and get all emotional-hooked up by the events that you are experiencing.

It was all -worth it.
This is Love...a love that teaches us to endure pain, stress, money matters, emotional roller coaster and makes us become even stronger, more patient and understanding that ever.
It is not just about sharing one life with 2 person in it but more of discovering the other side (bad or good) that makes you become more tolerant/patient or less that you were before.

Sacrifices that you have to make in order to give support to each other.

That is Love; True Love.

It ain't the fancy dinner you treat before him/her, It ain't the precious you gave him/her before,
and It ain't the emotional words you speak to him/her expressing you devotion and vow towards your commitment in marriage.

So brides-to-be or grooms-to-be .... be Happy coz you are one step closer to Jannah.
And you should know, a step to A Beautiful Jannah will never be easy and that is why what you go through here is putting you down coz you are already on the way up.
 Take it easy and be ready.

So keep fighting with faith that Allah SWT always want the best in you..and
Never question whether you or him are meant to be or not.
Whether He is financially stable or not?
Whether He can do this or that or not?
Can we survive?


Just think this, proposals/mariage only Opens when Allah SWT permits it.
So if he propose to you, means Allah SWT wants it to happen.

So keep moving forward, enjoy the trouble-some stuff and you sure gotta be
the Happiest  Raja Sehari.


I can see men, dont seem to really..erm well emotionally and spiritually affected (I can see men still sleeping like a baby despite problems haha)
Wifes do....after all, women are multi-tasking, emotional and a bit bit more sensitive than men and that is why we are so messed up. haha

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