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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Reminder 2 : Purify your heart with kindness

Assalamu'alaikum w.b.t dear akhi and ukhti, 
brothers and sisters, fellow friends near and far =)

Today I would like to bring you something which I personally think really affecting our life.

People's Perception + The Reaction

I am sure you have no idea what this has got to do with the quote I put above the  post?
You will see eventually when the lesson is finished.

I think I would be lying if I said I don't care about people's perception and reaction towards my daily life, coz in a way it is affecting my reaction towards these whole thing; LIFE
But as I grow older, trying to understand people and think further why this is happening...
I realized 1 thing.

Kids, Youngsters, teenagers, old and folks...
Simply because their environment of up-bringing totally not the same as you even if we are walking on the same earth.
Even if someone claim that he/she understands you...they will never be able to understand 100% coz we are all running the same path but different shoes.

But at least people who try to understand you and give you comfort are the ones who truly care.

Due to these differences, we must learn that :

a) People has the right to say anything about you; you cant stop them 
b) They can pretty much influence you; be it in a positive or negative way.
c) They do not necessarily has to agree/follow you; sometimes you are alone in whatever you do or whatever that you stand for....

But you have to remember this too...In Islam, it has always never about how people treat you that is important, or how people perceive you and whatnot...

I remember this wise saying by Khalid Al-Walid r.a. -
"It is your scroll of deeds, so fill it with whatever you wish"
- Khalid Al Walid to the man who was insulting him.
and another one I got from web saying :

So Islam has never thought us to react in negative way to those who react negative to you or say bad worth to those people. We do not know why exactly people reacted such way, but as a Muslim we can only feel pity and sorry and return the way they treated us in the kindest way..if we fail/ cant do it then make yourself a distant.

Remember that the only one that you have to take care of is the relationship between you and Allah SWT. How they treated you or behave around you is totally between them and Allah SWT.
After all we will be judged based on what we do...not what others do.

When peopl give so much negativity to you, you can only rely to Allah SWT to take them away and always think that you have a choice to be affected by it or stay happy for you and for them.

It is totally your call and responsiblity.
What others do doesnt really matter...what matter most is what you do.
So before you start cursing/ judging those around you, think of why they did such think. If you cant get the answer it is sufficient enough to think good of them and leave them if they are bothering you.
Better still if you have a good heart, pray and make dua for them so that they may change..InshALLAH.

In Islam, we dont fight negativity with negativity...but kindness. It is all depend on how our heart can take it.

May this post brings benefits to those who need it.
Perhaps an eye-opener to those searching for Allah SWT's Nur.

Have a blessing and Barakah Friday ahead !

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