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Monday, May 24, 2010

One of my memorable birthday !

Hi guys and girls,

Its been awhile I know...the hectic schedule of my work just didnt allow me to have a few minutes writing some beautiful stuffs =P.

So I am glad to be back and alive writing beautiful things....=P
So this entry today is more on my birthday celebration recently last 15th May..a bit later tho coz my supposed-to-be-the-celebration was the day before. So check this out on the celebration day !


Date ; 15th May 2010
Venue: Coffee Island @ Gurney Drive.
Time : 8pm

Ok before I start, this place was so cool...nice ambience and surrounding with the water mist around, relaxing setting and water fountain...not forgetting a few huge tanks of fish just made my day !

They have open kitchen and a few settings of dining area which I find it interesting. They can either chill out under the colourful lights hanging on the trees or next to the sweet and cute water fountain or perhaps  in an air-conditioned dining area...or again if you like fishes u can just dine next to the tanks =P

So the place is the food. Well overall the food is more or less like the kopitiam but they also have westerns and malay cuisine like pulut kuning and rendang, or nasi lemak and there is a wide range of food there..PLUS  is super duper affordable. hahaha people like me definitely cant afford to dine in at TGI's friday...=P.

So it when on well we chit chat with the whole family n my soon to be...naser. I am so thrilled and excited when it came to the 'open-your-presents' session =P.

This year I dont have much compared to last year...but the price worth is more i can tell....hahah if you know what I mean =)

So here's the pics for me to share :

oh the cake sponsored by.... =P

the cake cutting ceremony whaha like is a big occasion eh..

with my beloved family...

the cards from all of them..thanks all muaxx love you all to bits =p

And the thing that made me fulfill my goal is.....

A birthday present from my beloved naser....

A brand new handphone....yeay !!!!! I love you darling =P

now I shall tell you more on the goal achieved real soon yea...
so thats all from me now..the internet is not doin so good..the upload took ages so I shall resume very soon..

Hope you like the pics


Tun Teja said...

BB...seriously? belated besday...

farahD said...

huhu thanks tun oredy post ur item..its unsex so u pki leh, abg u pki pun oke...tun copy link farah tok exchange oke =P

Tun Teja said...

oke,thanx...da copy da...ade bwh clique rolls..

sayang said...

Anything for you sayang,I will be your fan forever.

farahD said...

thank you sayang... i will be your die hard fan too...muaxx xoxo

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