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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Frame

Hey Y'all,

It's Monday, so pretty boring right...let me enlighten you with my latest projects on Scrapaperclip.
I gave you a teaser before...see my previous post so if you have been following me you kinda know what I am about to post. 
I have just finished this project and hope I can get more orders soon =D
You can customade you frame for own use or as gifts to others.
Affordable price really...

This time around new style and new idea.

Presenting The Frame from Scrapaperclip !

The 3 designs I've made for my friends. All in 4r frame size with decorative wooden

The back of the frame. 

 Frame Design 1
These designs are pretty simple and yet sweet. Suitable for bedroom and living room decorations.
The frame can be custom-made for personal use or as gifts to others =D

Frame Design 2

Frame Design 3

If you can see all the design above, you can actually have personal message put inside as a form of memory for you to cherish. I also put some handwriting inside the frame to get a personal touch on it. 
Alternatively you can have your photos inside with me decorating it to your own preference =D
You can opt from a plain wood frame or coloured frame to more sophisticated and decorative frame...all pricing differently.

Well for more can go to my Artwork blog  to look at the album, or feel free to email me at

Hope you like them all =D

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