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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Project ! Photo Editing =D

Mind the wrong spelling on edit.

Hey Girls and Guys !
Hows week so far? 

Hope all doing fine as usual =D....I have something to share with you guys, I have new project installed just for you. I have received request from few of our friends on photo editing.
I guess my love for photography can be extended by helping you guys to alter you photos from
Not so Beautiful to Perfect !

Nah I am not that pro, but most photos I edit based on what I felt and the emotions that I wanna convey through the if you feel the same way and you just dont know how to do it then I am all here to help you !

For more of my samples you can browse all post under label Sweet Serenade photos or you can simply go to my facebook badge and look at all the albums in my facebook.
Some photos I only edit a lil, some I also include effects and other photos I edit according to the mood I want to portray. 
Feel free to drop me an email. I am all happy to long as it makes you happy =D 

Some photos I did :

So you see how these ordinary photos turn into extra ordinary? You can make it into yellowish or, colourful or you can add desired wordings...Anything is possible InsyaALLAH.

I hope I can share my love on photography to others too =D

Cheerios !

1 comment:

zieyRa suLLey© said...

i swear this is beautifull !!

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