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Thursday, October 6, 2011

A day during Intan's Wedding, my Ex-studiomate =))

As promised before in this entry here I would like to share some interesting photos (cece) while I was on the trip to intan's wedding last 2nd October 2011.

A trip of Geng USM Studio Architecture =))
So this post is dedicated to Intan on her Joyous occasion last Sunday.

We meet up at Fid's house that morning, coz ada yang datang dari KL, Penang, Alor Setar (Geng-geng utara turun) so after having a good breakfast at McD we departed somewhere betweeen 1030am to go to Bukit Gambang ! What so special about bukit gambang? Yes2 You have the answer !!!!

Waterpark !!!! Its been awhile since we go to a waterpark....miss those time together...haih. ANyway for more info on the waterpark go here . We didnt manage to take much photos here coz we've been enjoying ourselves so much in the water so it's pretty impossible to bring our camera along dont you think? We reached Bukit Gambang just in time for zohor and we left just in time for maghrib....hahhahaa enjoying to the fullest. Compared to other water theme park, this one looks young and still have a big room for improvements. As i understand this project comes in few phases, so probably in 3-5 years time there will be lots of new games and themes in there but I cant deny, the wave in Bukit Gambang is definitely the hardest and the highest of all theme parks !!! Wait, I think I have a phobia when it comes to waves. Leave that alone for self-wonderment.

Alas, since it's dawn, after having good food for dinner, we headed to Felda Tekam residence ( the journey to felda tekam is definitely the most thrilling one coz not only the roads are winding but the time it took us to reach there....feels like eternity plus  no road lights( even longger than my kg's jalan to Lenggeng okeh); terasa mcm hantu kampung maklimah plak kan ade jalan2 di felda hahahah; oke dat one I'm just exaggerating)...where our sponsored chalets were.

Well our soon to be bride was so generous to put us in 2 different chalets; one for the girls and one for the boys. We had a pretty good night chat with some 'jambu' eating =D brought by K.Tasha and Pok. Miss those days chatting late at night eh...gossiping hahahaha Though we were tired but the journey was worth a thousand dreammss....yelakan dh lama tak jalan2 ramai2 mcm ni hehehe Need more of this please kak tasha !

And so the next morning we woke up and take a good morning stroll and I was so impressed ! The place is damn peaceful and serene, so cooling and soooooo relaxing can smell all the freshness from the trees and grasses...oh so divine, totally gives a different impressions during at night.

Felda Tekam Residence
A must visit to this place especially to those who havent got the chance to stay in Felda just like me hehehe.

So some photos while we stayed in Tekam.

Love the nature-ness of the peaceful and serene.

The whole geng from KL, Penang, Alor Setar and Terengganu =))

The look of most of the chalets...I think it resembles the Felda house long before...

So we checked out at 11am heading to Intan's house in Jengka. 

The moment we reached intan's compound I was smiling all the way coz I think all her hardwork paid off. You can tell me why I said that just by looking at these photos below.

Nah now you can see how much efforts she put in to her wedding in making all the items DIY...Decorations, placement of Items, the hanging stuff.....I am so proud of you intan ! You did a great job...we both share the same passions towards DIY and I know her feeling when all your efforts turned out to be well and accordingly placed. Totally worth it though its a tough job to handle since you are full time working =))

So to those newly brides and soon to can join our DIY club oke hehehe

So lets enjoy some other photos of self indulgence and definitely the newly bride =D 

Intan yang berseri2 lagi active dan comel hehehe see her hand bouquet...nicely done...see her blog for more oke.

I lvoe candid photos oke....this is so cute hehehe

Needless to say heheh

Gonna miss these moments with the girls from studiooooo muahhhh

More of the girls.....

Yes not forgetting me....and only me =))) Hey sure I have to take the credit in this writing eh hehehe i have to keep reminding myself not to smile like that !

So to dearest Intanorazam Congratulations again....and I really hope your journey together will be part of your new adventure in becoming a better person, wife and mother to be hehehehehehehehe

Love you Intan and thank you for all the things you did while we stayed in Jengka ! Buat baby shower jgn lupa jemput oke heheheheheh muah2

Love always....


intan said...

farah, masa project bukit gambang tu..ofis aku pon terlibat..tgk rumah comel2 kat luar simpang tu..i'm part of it heheheheeh.

farahD said...

yeke intan? wah harituh tak dan nk pusing2 tmpt tuh sbb keta pok rosak takd battery.. =( tp tmpt tuh nmpk cantikla dgn nature dia. Good job intan hehe

Hairil Rizal said...

Cik adik baju kurung biru tu...ehem ehem la!

Eh, deco for the wedding..with those burung kecik kecik pun comel. Sapa punye idea tu??

farahD said...

Ala encik hairil sy seganla...hahah eh sapa cik adik berbaju kurung biru tuh hehehehe

Yeah the idea of origami is from the bride herself ..she's into DIY as well...

Sir thanks for stopping by ! hehe

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